Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Or else.

Every afternoon until bedtime Zhen's good eye gets patched. We cover up his good eye to force his brain to use and improve vision in his bad eye. It's a mind trick.

Can you imagine any self respecting 4 year old allowing this monkey business? Nope? Neither can I.

But it is what it is. And I'm his mother. And I will not put his eye doc's children through college for nothing. He will wear the eye patch. And he will wear his glasses. Or else.

Each day I put on the patch. I give him an opportunity to wear it like a big boy. I put his glasses on over the patch. I give him an opportunity to wear them like a big boy.

No? No big boy today?

Ok, then we get the no-nos out. Having his arms straight makes it much harder to get the patch and the glasses off. Well, at least it slows him down a bit.

The stinker has learned to use his feet to take off his glasses and eye patch. He can also wiggle out of the no-nos like Houdini. This is when I pull out my big guns...the footie pajamas!

Too bad it's 100 degrees outside today. I don't think this is a good way for Zhen to live everyday, but it's what are dealing with right now. And right now is all I've got. He's actually pretty happy once I get him suited up and he can't mess with the glasses and all.

I just realized how much he needs a haircut! That will be an adventure for another day.


Anna said...

What a cutie pie! Maybe playtime in the bathtub since its so hot out?? hugs

Mel said...

Stephanie, you are TOTALLY my HERO!!! LOL He'll thank you for it someday... maybe? ;)

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Zhen loves the water. He'd play happily in the pool all afternoon, but patching cuts into our "fun" time. Boo.

Jolene said...

Just signed up for a subscription... hadn't noticed this option until now!

Already enjoying your posts, and looking forward to learning more about the "after effects" of adoption.

I am inspired by your determination to get Zhen's eye better! You go girl!