Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hanging around the house.

Ralph is four years old now. He's really blossoming!

Each week his speech therapist tells me what a hard worker he is. He sits still and pays attention like a big boy. He has great receptive language, that is he understands nearly everything I say to him.

But, he's so typical in so many ways. His favorite new word, and he really on has a few real words, is "No!" Ralph's word for no sounds like the "n" sound and is usually accompanied by folded arms and a toss of the head. He's a little stinker, I'm telling you! And when he says "no" he means "heck no and you can't make me!"

Any ideas?

Poor little Ruby is still recovering from her ear infection. Little darling is having a rough summer. Thank goodness she has a big sister! When the little boys get too rough she can slip away with Rose and play dress up.

It's been so hot here that the little kids go around in diapers unless we are going somewhere. And we don't go anywhere but therapy on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We are so bored that we have resorted to games like this:

Perhaps the extra money I'm spending on air conditioning is balanced out by all the laundry I'm not doing? Wouldn't that be nice?