Friday, August 24, 2012

Bus Trouble

Phew. It's been a tough week with the crew. We've not been able to settle in a school routine just yet. Mornings are the problem.

The special ed bus always stopped at our front door, but Zhen's riding the big bus with Hammy this year. I'm still not certain that this is a great idea.

They wait on the side of a busy street. The bus comes when it gets there, if you know what I mean. Supposed to be @8:15am. I could handle this just fine if the preschool didn't start at 8:15am.

Oh, and Theo's bus comes around 8:20am, back over in front of the house. Thank goodness for my homeschooled kids. They sit on the porch with him in case Theo's bus comes before I get back from waiting with Hammy and Zhen.

Yep. I gotta find a way to be in two to three places at one time. Ralph can ride the preschool bus, but Ruby cannot. It is against their policy since she is not on an IEP. So, on Mondays and Wednesdays, the days that Ruby attends, I have to drive five children to three different schools. Truthfully, that's easier than stressing out over getting the kids on the bus.

It's getting old, though and we are only done with our second week. I feel like something has got to give.


MoonDog said...

I feel your pain. I have kids on three busses. 7:02 the teens get picked up at end of driveway(1/3 mile), 8:02 typical kids, end of driveway. Anywhere between 840 and 910 the iep kids get picked up at house. I can't walk my wheelchair kids to end of drive to be with those kids,and I can't leave the three alone either. They wanted to put aj on regular bus end of driveway and I bout had a fit! We don't live on a country lane,but a busy highway! You can't send a child with cognitive impairments, no sense of personal safety out to the highway for undetermined amount of time! He doesn't listen to anyone and would hurt one of our other kids to get away if he wanted to. I can't be out there and home with the disabled kids at the same time. Its a recipe for disaster. I did get them to put it in his iep that he must take sp ed bus. Works out better as the other elementary kids can handle being out there safely.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say wouldn't it be easier to drive them. seems you do, i'd stick with that, we dont have a bus in town it's a really small town however I dont know how you all do it over there it seems everyones kids catches a bus.

Anonymous said...

oh that was me cathy that just post forgot to type my name in cheers

Sally said...

I can't believe they won't make exceptions for siblings. Seriously, what does the school expect you to do?? You'd think they'd care. I don't know how you do everything you do. I don't think I could handle it all. Praying for a routine to arrive quickly!