Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recap the week

We survived a week full of meet-your-teacher nights, mandatory sports meetings, parties, elections, therapy and more! I'm looking forward to next week when school starts and we establish a new routine.

Theo helped me vote in the primary on Tuesday. The ladies at the desk gave him a sticker, too! We also hit three school meetings and national night out at the park that evening. Crazy!

Thursday was Zhen's last speech therapy session at Heartspring, since he is starting full day Kindergarten next week. Ralph will still have speech there, with the same SLP, but in the afternoon instead. Ruby is going to miss the waiting area/play room volunteer that always reads books with her. I got the boys dressed twinny and picked up a couple of flower bouquets for these special ladies. It was a great morning!

That night was meet your teacher for Theo and Hank. Theo was watching TV when it was time to go and completely fell apart when I put his shoes on and hauled him out of the house. He is impossible to carry if he doesn't want to be held! It is highly unusual for him to act this way. He was still bent out of shape when we got to the school so I took his shoes off. That helped a little. Disappointing.

On a brighter note, Theo's regular ed teacher had a desk all ready to go for him!! His name tag was taped on it and everything. He's a little small for the desk, so I think his teacher will try to lower the desk and find a smaller chair. He's in a self contained life skills classroom most of the day, but he will join the regular class at times. 

On top of all that craziness, I had set out some adoption paperwork goals for myself. We simply MUST move quickly to get Maxim home. He has some seemingly simple health issues that could become major problems if not addressed.

I accomplished my goals and more! I'm also working on a coed softball tournament fundraiser in September. After beating my head against the wall for a couple of days trying to find a venue, I located a suitable field and go the flyers made up. Full steam ahead!!