Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Adventures in Apostille

I'm frantically gathering the last of the required documents that we need to adopt Maxim. Some of the documents originated and are notarized in another state. They must also be apostilled in that state. After waiting weeks for these documents to arrive, I had to turn around and mail them back the the secretary of state office in the state of origin...along with the required fee. Of course.

Today I went to the grocery store customer service counter to get this done. I paid for the money order, got my change, then the clerk asked me to step down to the other end of the counter to take care of the postage. He was confused because I needed to calculate return postage for the required self addressed, postage paid envelope in addition to the postage to send the package. Another clerk walked him through the process. Then he taped up my envelope and I was done.


My phone rang this evening while I was flipping pancakes for supper, (I found clearance priced buttermilk at the store!) my phone rang. It was my mother-in-love.She wanted to know if I purchased a money order today. My blood ran cold...

MIL was shopping at this particular big-city grocery store when she overheard the people at the customer service desk talking about locating someone named Nance. They were on the phone with the store pharmacy to try to locate my phone number. The clerk said, "There are eleven Nance's at that address!!" No joke!

Apparently, the clerk who assisted me earlier in the day never gave me the money order I paid for.

I mailed paperwork without the required fee. *gasp!*

Paperwork that I pulled teeth to get. *gasp!*

Really, it took me a month to get this piece of paper done correctly. *facepalm!*

I can't imagine how long this will delay things. Would the lady who wrote this letter even agree to write another one? Would it take her another month to get it done? AARRGGGHH!!!

MIL then says, "We have the envelope here. Was the money order supposed to go in the envelope?"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANGELS SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIL made out the money order, and the clerk assisted her in opening up the envelope and getting it sealed again and sent out. 

Here is my question? How did my MIL happen to be in the same exact grocery store...

at the same exact time these clerks were talking about me...

and be exactly near enough to hear them talking about me?

It's the hand of God. That's the only way I can explain it. HE is not going to let me mess up this adoption. HE is covering for me at every turn. No, it's not easy. No, we haven't yet raised enough money. But HE has shown me that he will not allow me to fail. That gives me an incredible sense of security. 

Blown away.


Rochelle said...

Love how God is in the tiniest of details! Thankful for MIL today!

Jill said...

Wow! Gave me chills!! HE is your covering!!! Praise God!