Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snack Time!

Today I picked up Ralph and Ruby from school a little bit early. This gave me an opportunity to chat with his teacher for a few minutes. We had a little talk about snack time.

The food service department apparently thought that it would be cute and fun for the preschool kids to have these dog bone shaped graham cracker sticks for snack time, also known as Sc00by Snacks.

Ralph took one look at his snack offering and pushed it away. Knowing this boy as well as I do, he probably gave his teacher a smoldering dirty look, too!

Ralph knows that dog treats are shaped like this. They are for the dogs, not for people. He's no dummy. I can only imagine what he was thinking...oh my! I'm chuckling out loud while I'm typing this!

I don't know whether to thank the preschool staff or smack them around a little, but they finally convinced him to give the dog treat shaped crackers a try!!

Of course I'm joking, I LOVE these people. But, I think our puppies will have to go without their treats for awhile...maybe forever.


Carissa said...

That is too funny!! I can just see him giving them that look!

Anna said...

This .up! My 18 yr old would head straight for the dogs dish every time the gate was down when he was about 6-8 mos old! I don't know how much kibble he actually ate but it kept us on our toes! I could see your little one and wish we could know what he was thinking!