Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The First First Day

We reside in one of the largest school districts in the state, even though our town is quite tiny. This makes it necessary to stagger the first day of school. Parents here like to put their little angel on the school bus, then get into their car and race to the school in order to get pictures and video of their child getting off the school bus for the very first time. Is that a little silly? I was always content to line the kids up on the front porch.

The staggered start has been very confusing. Ralph, Ruby, Theo, and Hammy started Monday. Zhen, Hank and Chip started Tuesday. So we didn't have a line up on the porch moment at all!

Ralph and Ruby start early, 8:15am! We waited in the foyer until we were released to take our children to their rooms. Poor Ruby could hardly stand up due to the weight of her backpack.

She is leaning against the wall!

Ruby had red marks on her shoulders when she took the backpack off.

Ralph didn't need to be told what to do. He was off and running. He didn't even look back. The boy loves to learn. He's going to go places, I tell ya!

Theo in his life skills room. He arrived before everyone else, since I had to fill out his enrollment papers after dropping off Ruby and Ralph at preschool. Yup...in the confusing transition from one school district to another over the summer, either his enrollment got lost or I messed it up somehow.

Theo must have been stressed out that morning because he was working his knuckle! In the many years he was left alone in a crib, Theo developed a habit of gnawing and working on his knuckle with his teeth. He used to have a thick yellow callous on that knuckle. It is softer now, but when he is stressed or bored, he falls back into that deeply ingrained habit.

Thank goodness his teacher had a chewy-tube all ready to go for him. Ahhhh! Something he can chew on without getting into trouble!!