Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feeding the Crew -or- A Tuesday Night Ritual.

I just got done ordering my coupons for the week! We don't take the Sunday paper so I never get to clip coupons. That's just as well because I've been ordering coupons from for over a year now. Yes, you can BUY coupons!The Coupon Clippers

So every Tuesday night I stay up a bit late and check the Dillon's ad online. The new ad for the week is normally posted sometime around midnight, give or take. I open another window and check for coupons for any items that are on sale that I would actually use. For instance, this week VanCamp's Pork and Beans (daddy's favorite) are 2 for $1. I ordered 5 (the limit for this product) coupons valued at $0.50 off 4 cans. Since Dillon's doubles coupons up to $1.00 I get 4 cans for $1.00. That's a "stock up on it" price!

This week I'm also getting practically free toothbrushes, great for donating to shelters and such. I'm getting spoiled. I rarely ever pay more that $1.00 for a box of name brand cereal. I grab the good coupons, wait for the sale and stock up. I have to hide these things, however! The kids go a little nuts when I bring home a new load of their favorite cereal!

Last week I stocked up on $0.39 Campbells Tomato Soup and $0.50/pound pork sausage. A few months ago it was canned tomatoes and tomato sauce for @ $0.20. Since I stock up the freezer with marked down ground beef or turkey and I use dry beans, I can whip up a batch of chili whenever I want for next to nothing.

Yeah, I'm cheap. I'm proud of it, too.


Anonymous said...

I have already been to the site, signing up now, who doesnt just LOVE a bargain?? I am also going to pass it along to some friends, I think it may take a little time,(no wonder your tired after doing this)but all worth it!
Hope Ralphie is great today!:)

Stephanie said...

Does Bashas double coupons? How about Safeway? Make sure you ask your friends to click through my site to check it out. Ralph is great today!