Saturday, June 28, 2008


I've been wondering if the heart repair would help Ralph's pulmonary hypertension and to what extent. I've been cautioned that the ASD was most likely only part of the problem, and possibly not a big part.

So I've been cautiously watching him over the past few days. Watching and waiting for a definitive sign that he is improving. Trying not to get my hopes up too high.

We have been struggling to keep the cannula on. He likes to rip it off and chew on it. He will do it whether I am watching or not! So naughty! Lately he has taken to ripping the stickers off of his face and trying to eat them! This really scares me. Did we get his heart repaired only for him to choke and die on a stupid face sticker?

He has also been ripping the tape off of the sat probe and eating it. For this reason I only monitor him at night. The alarm went off last night (OK, 4am) and when I checked him the probe was off and the tape was gone! In his mouth! So I guess I can only spot check his sats now.

I just put him down for his morning nap and I decided to spot check. 100%!!!!! He is pegged at 100% on 1/4 liter. He is not drifting around 97-100 but PEGGED! I'll take him down to 1/8 liter now and see how he does, but I'm considering this proof positive that we are seeing significant improvement.