Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Looking great.

Ralphie's been in his own room this evening. He is happy and playful as always. He has been very good-not tearing his cannula off, not tearing the sat probe off, not tearing the IV off.

He was taken downstairs for an x-ray earlier. The nurse took him down laying on a pillow in a wagon. Apparently, he enjoyed the ride quite a bit! Later he had an EKG. It was some trick to get him to lie still and not pull off any of the many wires.

I took him to the playroom for awhile, but his sats were a little low so I took him back to his room. I then noticed that his oxygen tank was never turned on! He tried to laugh when we played catch with a squishy ball but has no voice. I can't wait to hear him giggle again.

I asked the surgeon if he made any pressure measurements after the device was in place. He did, but said that there was no real difference. However, I'm sitting here tonight watching him sleep and watching his oxygen sats and I can tell somehow that he is better. I don't always trust my intuition anymore, but...I really think this time is different. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

GREAT news!!! Glad everything has gone so well, I knew it would!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad to hear that it all went well and that Ralphie is recovering well. Hang in there, all of you! You'll be back together soon!