Monday, June 30, 2008


Ralph has started crawling this weekend! Sometimes he crawls a few feet and then flops back down on his belly 'cause he's faster that way. Sometimes he crawls all the way across the room. Now we have to keep the basement stairs gated all the time.

Our Sunday school class did the nicest thing yesterday. After daddy updated everyone on Ralph's eventful week, they said that they wanted to do something for him. Since the device that closed the hole in his heart looks something like an umbrella, and he's living under the umbrella of the prayers of many people, and under the umbrella of God's protection, about 8 or 9 people opened up umbrellas in class for him! Isn't that fun? Too bad Ralph and I were running very late and were not there. ;( Good thing we don't believe in bad luck!

Today was Ralph's 14 month check-up. His pediatrician really spent a lot of time with us today. She was so happy to see him looking extremely healthy. Of the 4 shots that he is supposed have today we settled on 2. I'm so glad she doesn't give me a hard time about waiting for certain immunizations. It is nice to have a doctor who "gets" me.

I've got to find a way to get over to K-mart for cereal this week. Our cereal stock is about empty. We are really broke, but I've got coupons for cereal that make it $0.49 per box!


Anonymous said...

Great news about him crawling, but oh the things he will get into now!! :)
I am going to use all my coupons tomorrow, I should save $150, I am going the following day to Frys, (yes we actually have a fry's in Sahuarita now!) and using the other's for doubling.(Tomorrow is Wal Mart) Alot of my friends have already used the coupon site and are loving saving so much money!! So THANKS for the site!!

I am so glad Ralphie is doing great! Hope all the family is doing wonderful!!
I bet you are so releived the surgery is over and Ralphie is doing great!

Tammy and Parker said...

.49 cents per box of cereal! Wow!

And too cool about Ralph's milestone!