Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pity party.

I'm just feeling sorry for myself today. Want to join me? Never mind that Ralph's heart has been fixed and he is doing great. Why can't I think about that?

I took the little ones to vacation Bible school this morning - Chipper, Thomas, Jordan, Rose and Leroy. Chipper is helping with story time this year, so they all get to go at 8:15 for bagels and juice. I was really looking forward to a couple of hours to get my insurance/doctors/bills phone calling done. Maybe I'd even have time to clean up the kitchen!

Nope. The phone rings at 8:45am. I need to come pick up Leroy, he is being naughty. What do you do with a 3 year old kid who gets kicked out of Bible school? I guess there is still time to turn him around. Thomas used to pull the same kind of stunts and he's turned out OK.

Oh yeah, the mower is billowing smoke so I had to take it in for repair. This is really shameful...more than crying to get out of a speeding ticket - I brought Ralphie inside the shop with me. He is so cute and yet pitiful at the same time with the oxygen and all. I was sort of hoping he'd feel sorry for us and make me a great deal. I know, shame. But, with all the rain we've had I'm going to get a notice from the city if the mowing doesn't get done! Like I need that.

We ended up borrowing a mower from our super nice bee keeper neighbor. It is good to have friends, isn't it. Oh, the UPS man just came! Ralphie's new sat probes have arrived. I've not been able to monitor him for a few days now after he chewed the last one up. All of a sudden I'm feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I will join you! Isnt it great though, when you start the day like that, and the kids usually have a way of making you feel better, or like in your case, your nice neighbor?? I think we all have days like that, but then we wake up , or go to bed and say wow,what a great life I have??
have a good one!! I will be thinking of you!