Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heart baby, heart dog

Ralph has been so active lately, it can be frustrating. The cannula is nearly impossible to keep on him anymore when he is awake. And, from monitoring him when asleep (the only time he keeps the probe on) I know that he really does need it. I'm afraid to use the stickers after I found he had pulled one off and was storing it on the roof of his mouth! But, is it fun to watch him go!

He prefers to belly crawl on the carpet. But, once he hits the hardwood it is hands and knees! He loves to kneel by the front window and look out. He pulled up to standing in his crib today! I knew that he could do this. We had not yet moved his mattress to a lower setting because he wasn't yet pulling up. But, he scared me last Thursday by standing on his knees and leaning out of the crib! I spent the next hour fighting stripped screws to disassemble the crib and move the mattress lower while everyone else watched a movie! It couldn't wait, though. Ralph needed a nap and I could just imagine him bailing out once I laid him down.

On another note, our dog, Gunther, got his first heartworm shot today. I still don't know how I'm going to keep him on cagerest for the next 2 months, but we will try. He is a sweet dog, even if he does have a weakness for wet and dirty diapers! Now I have a "heart dog" to go with the "heart baby." Incidentally, "dog" is one of Ralphie's favorite signs along with "daddy." Hmmm.