Monday, July 14, 2008

Eye doc - great news!

Ralph went to Dr. Lamp today for his first dilated eye exam. I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Lamp, he is just great. It turns out that Ralph's eyes are developing normally. He has nice big optic nerves and is just slightly far-sighted, which is normal at 14 months of age. He doesn't need glasses and doesn't need to have another exam until he is 3 years old!

Here is a picture of Richy helping Ralphie learn to walk.

Ralph had a fever on Saturday, so we had cake and ice cream for Wesley on Sunday instead. I used to ask the children what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday. Then I would find a way to make whatever they asked for. I've made airplanes, baseballs, school buses, turtles, and R2D2 to name a few. Well, over the past few years I've ashamedly bought grocery store cakes!

This year I decided to see if I'm still creative enough to make a fun cake. Though Wesley didn't ask for it, I made him a pirate cake. I know it is kind of a kiddy cake for a nearly grown man, but it was fun to make.