Friday, July 4, 2008

I need a big playpen.

But all I could find at the big box baby store is pack-and-plays. When my oldest was a baby I had a huge playpen for him. He loved it. He used to press his face against the mesh and giggle and smile a little smashed smile. I've got pictures somewhere...

So they say, necessity is the mother of invention. He is the new jumbo sized playpen!

I close all the doors in the hallway and gate it off. I can see him from the kitchen as well. This is not as inventive as our cardboard box bumbo table or pringles can leg braces, but it works great. Now that Ralph is crawling like a champ, I need a safe place to drop him while I cook lunch or iron shirts. Guess who thinks confinement is cool? Rose and Leroy demand to be in the "playpen" with Ralph!


Anonymous said...

I remember those playpens, yep I dont think they make them anymore, your idea is genius!! I may have to try that one with my Granson Riley, he is the same age as Ralphie and just getting into everything, he now escapes out of the bouncy chair also, At least the other kids can keep him entertained!! Looks like they are all having fun!