Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unlikely first words

A few months ago I know Ralphie yelled "Maaaaa" a couple of times when I would leave the room. Lately I haven't heard this. We work on saying mama all the time, but nothing.

While we were waiting in the exam room at the doctor's office on Friday, we had to get creative. My oldest son and I ended up playing catch with Ralph's Elmo doll. Rose was with us, too, and I know that the whole office could hear us. Ralph would CRACK UP when Wesley tossed Elmo and I helped him catch. Then Rose would squeal in response to Ralph. Wesley and I would laugh in response to her! This game helped to pass much time.

This is the Elmo doll Ralph received on his birthday from the nice lady in the waiting room at the hospital. She felt so bad about him being sick on his birthday that she bought this Elmo at the gift shop and sent it up to Ralph's room. When I first gave him the doll, he grabbed Elmo's hands and proceeded to make him pat-a-cake!

We love pat-a-cake. We play it all the time, but I was still surprised that Ralph made Elmo play it. I was even more surprised on Friday to hear Ralph say PAT-A-CAKE! I thought I was hearing things but Rose and Wesley heard it, too. It sounds a little like tah-tah-take! For a baby who doesn't say mama or dada yet, I think these are unlikely first words.