Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's nearly 2pm here. My Richard will be taking off soon. He is headed to England for an educational tour. We discussed this trip last year, but the price tag was too much for us to handle. Then Ralphie came along and the expense of a trip like this was out of the question.

Shortly after this past Christmas I got an interesting phone call from the tour coordinator from Richard's school. A family from the school wanted to contribute some (a lot) money toward this trip for him. A family who wished to remain anonymous. Would we accept?

Of course, we accepted this generous offer. Richard went out and got a part-time job and participated in fundraisers at the school to make up the rest of the money. He actually has three jobs - picking up chairs at church, umpiring for rec league baseball, and Papa Murphy's pizza. I'm quite proud of him.

Pray for travelling mercies for Richard and the entire group. He has the camera, so I won't have any new pictures for the next 10 days.