Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rose on TV!

Rose was on TV tonight! The video is posted here:

She is the first t-ball batter in the video. It's all fine and good to be on the news but the sad part is what some scumbag thief did to the ball fields earlier this year by stealing over 600 feet of copper wire. Now there are no lights and no irrigation for the fields, no electricity for the concession stand and the restrooms are dark. Along with the crazy wet weather, this has caused scheduling nightmares for all the rec league families and major headaches for the league officials.

On another note, the crew is back together. Richard returned from England yesterday. He claims to have taken 800 pictures over the past 10 days. I wonder on whose computer he plans to download these!?!? Chipper returned dirty, stinky and worn out from Quivira Scout Ranch today. James is home from Arkansas so we are all together for a few days at least.