Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th - our blessed day!

I took Ralph to the cardiologist this morning. I always love to take him to see Dr. M, even when the news is not the best. We love Dr. M. He has a positive and loving attitude toward us and our son.

He came to the hospital around midnight the night that Ralph was born. He spent some time with us that night explaining what was going on with Ralph's heart. He drew a great big picture of a heart and labeled it nicely, all this in the middle of the night.

Over the next month of so, he would come to the NICU to personally do Ralph's echoes. He never asked me to leave and always explained everything to me as he went along. I didn't realize how spoiled we were until we transferred to the big city children's hospital later on. There a tech would do the echo and we had to wait at least a day for the doctor to read it and report back.

Today's visit was a good one. First, all the nurses are in love with him, of course. Today they were so surprised to see him so strong and healthy and energetic. It was nearly impossible to get good O2 readings and blood pressures because he wouldn't sit still! Dr. M was all smiles as he came in to do the echo. He always asks about how daddy is doing if he isn't with us.

The echo looked great! Ralph's left ventricle is smaller that last time! His tricuspid valve regurge is barely detectable!! This means that he cannot measure the blood pressure in the lungs. This is a good thing! I can't stop using exclamation marks!!! He showed me Ralph's ASD also.

He said that he thinks that the device closure, which is planned for June 24, will be successful, based on the appearance of the hole. There appears to be sufficient structure around the ASD in which to anchor the Amplatzer device.

It was so good to hear these words. In my experience, doctors never want to make any predictions. Ralph has open heart surgery scheduled for June 25, just in case the device closure does not work. I know that plenty of babies have had open heart surgery and they do just fine, but the thought of it is enough to break my heart. I'll be one happy mommy if we get to cancel that surgery!

Isn't this great news? Dr. M's P.A. asked me to call her and let her know how everything goes on the 24th. You see, we will be back at the big city children's hospital. The doctors there will call our cardiologist here with results, but she asked me to call her personally. She said she would rather hear the news from me. Aren't we blessed?

On a convicting note, a funny thing happened in the waiting room today. A woman that I recognized checked in at the desk and sat down by us. She was one of the doctors we met at the NICU. I still remember her negative comments to me and they still hurt. I mean, really, don't EVER, EVER tell me that my son will not be able to do something! Who is to say what is impossible?

My oldest son, who came along to help me out today, asked me if I was going to say hello to Dr. Sourpuss. I told him that I was still holding a grudge against her. As soon as she sat down by us, however, Ralphie started flirting and babbling and waving to her! My son whispered to me, "I guess Ralphie doesn't hold a grudge." No, he doesn't. He has a lot to teach me.


dillon1966 said...

That is the best news I have heard in a long time. Congratulations to you all. Ralphie is in Gods hands!!