Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breadballs and Birthday Cakes.

After months of fumbling, I finally have a pretty good morning routine in the works. I get Zhen out of bed first and set him on the potty. Then I get Ralph and set him on the toilet. I have to get them up before they've been awake for very long, ya know? They boys give each other high fives as they sit on their respective's way too cute!

I get Ruby changed and then get the boys fresh pants on. Zhen sits in his high chair while I fix his smashed banana and baby cereal breakfast. I fix Theo's bottle and set it to the side while I get him up and changed and into his high chair. He gets a can of vienna sausages and Cheerios first and then a bottle of Elecare to wash it all down. He'll be transisioning to Pediasure over the next few weeks because he is growing so well!

Ruby gets a bowl of cereal and sits at the table like a big girl. While all this baby care is going on, I'm directing traffic with the big kids getting ready to leave for school. They are great about getting ready to go without much help from me at all.

So who is last? Ralph.

When Ralph is done with the potty and dressed he goes straight to the TV and puts on his favorite show, Shaun the Sheep, while I take care of everyone else. He's pretty laid back and will normally wait his turn with out a problem.

But, the other day,

as I was taking care of everyone else,

Ralph decided to take care of himself!

When I went to get him for breakfast this is what I found:

I had to go get the camera. He's got probably four pieces of bread balled up in his pudgy little hands!!

I guess Ralph made his own breakfast. He ate the whole thing, too! What a nut!

Guess who turned six last week? The Hamster!! I would say I can't believe he is six, but he is so wicked smart that I'm surprised he's not sixteen. I'll have to save some Hamster conversations to share with you some other time.

Here he is with Jordy licking the beaters. Hammy asked for seven minute frosting on his birthday cake. I've NEVER made it before. I only remember my aunt making it like 30+ years ago.

Crazy little guy blew out the candles before we even had a chance to sing for him. So we relit all six of them and made him do it all over! Wow! That shiny, marshmallowy frosting really glows!

We've got another insane week in the works. I'm going to need my beauty sleep and a whole lotta grace.


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