Monday, March 7, 2011

A different kind of crazy.

Check out this cute little dude! He is a completely new boy compared to the emaciated little waif I found in an Eastern European orphanage last year.

One problem... he is a chick magnet. Girls these days are pretty aggressive!! haha!
I got a phone call today that I should have been dreading, but it wasn't even on my radar. Now it's got me in a funk. It was the school psychologist. She wanted to remind me that Theo will be eligible for kindergarten in the fall.

She says they like to keep children together with their age-mates, that there will be a very large age gap with the new three year olds coming into the preschool program, and that Theo could benefit from the all day program and the many therapies offered at the elementary school.

The school is in a different town. gulp.

Let's just say that I have some big decisions to make in a short period of time. I need to sort out my feelings on inclusion and academics. I want to keep the desired outcome in mind and base my decisions on that. But, I'm feeling a little lost.

Let's switch gears and have a little fun! I never thought I would have virtual quads, but that's what this feels like! haha!

How's the weather where you are? We had some crazy ups and downs here. One day last month was -17F and a few days later it was 78F! Then just last week we had this fantastic hail storm:

It hailed tiny pea size ice pellets for a very long time. You can see a pile of ice at the bottom of the downspout in the photo. It took a few days for this to melt away. Thank God it wasn't softball size hail like some of our friends a couple of miles to the south had last year.

Do your kids like ketchup? Do they eat it with a spoon? ewww.

My insane busy week has changed. It's less busy all of a sudden but still every bit insane! I originally had two appointments the same time. My plan was to reschedule one of them, but I ended up cancelling both because I have five sick children. Five. Sick. Feverish. Coughing. Snotty. A different kind of crazy now.
I'm so disappointed that Ralph won't get his heart echo this week. I've been anxious to do this since he went off his pulmonary hypertension medication a few weeks ago. I want to KNOW that he is alright without medication.
I'm also disappointed that Zhen will not have his eye surgery this week either. Having his cataract removed is a two-part process. With part one pushed back, part two will be delayed as well.
Poor little Theo is the sickest of all. He gets so stuffed up and breathes through his mouth as a result. he wakes up with snot dried on his lips and tongue. Can you imagine how awful a tongue with a leathery coating of dried snot must feel?
Good news, however! Through an adoption email group, I found out about doing a nasal wash on children. So I buzzed out to the drug store this evening and picked a nasal cleaning system. I used it on Theo and on Zhen and they are breathing so much better! They even look better! No, they did not enjoy the process. Yes, boogers were flying. But I think they will sleep better tonight with cleaned out noses. And perhaps we can get and keep these children healthy and snot free.


Regina said...

So cute! Love the picture with them all in the bath!

Sherrie said...


We donated for Andrey at the RR site because we weren't sure if your link comes across as tax deductable. For future reference do you know if it shows as a donation to RR?

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Sherrie! Thank you! I'll put your name in the hat.

And, yes, donations to Andrey through my chip-in go straight to RR and so they are fully tax deductible!!

Sherrie said...

Okay, Thanks. I'll know next time :)