Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun with brown paper.

Ruby has a tea set. She only plays with it when Ralph, Theo and Zhen are at school. Since Theo was at home sick last week, I let Ruby teach him how to play tea party!

The thing is, Theo doesn't yet understand how to play pretend. He just likes to throw things...backward. Ruby didn't think that was very much fun so she chewed him out. Here she is picking up all the toys he threw back in the hallway! haha!

By the way, I caught Theo on his hands and knees today. 1st time ever!

I got my diaper order this week and they were kind enough to put a long strip of packing paper in the box. The little ones had so much fun with this crunchy paper. Amazon has incredible deals on diapers. I don't even mess with coupons anymore.

Total fun! I wrapped the paper up and stuck it on the toy shelf for a rainy day.

Ralph is too mature to play with them like that. He mainly just loves watching Shaun the Sheep. Well, truthfully, I love the show, too. It's the best ever! Shaun is so cool...he even pulled a needle out of a haystack! I'd like to get him a stuffed Shaun toy for his birthday, but they are way too pricey with shipping from the U.K.

As I observe Ralph watching his favorite show and acting out every scene as it takes place, I'm really struck by his intelligence. The kid has 40 episodes memorized! This is how he learns...visually. Imagine what he could learn if I could get him to watch it over and over again!

It's time to dust off the Your Baby Can Read disks. I hope he finds them as exciting as that cool little sheep.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen these:
There are a couple more on Ebay but this was the cheapest I could find for a decent size one.

Sabrina said...

I love Shaun the Sheep too (and I'm 32)! Has Ralph ever seen Wallace & Gromit? It was in their epic adventure, "A Close Shave," that Shaun first appeared. :)