Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ralphie goes to the dentist!

I'm really out of the habit of sharing our day to day happenings. The little things and daily struggles seem so boring and unimportant. I think that sometimes the days are so hard that when I finally get the kids to bed, the last thing I want is to relive them! I need to share anyway though, if only for future reference.

Today I took Ralph to the dentist for the very first time. I wanted to take him to a pediatric dentist but the one I had in mind no longer accepts our insurance. So we went to our family dentist and he did great!

Of course he did. He IS a rock star after all!

He was a very big boy and let the hygienist polish his teeth. He loved the little suction probe that sucks the rinse water of your mouth.

Rose and Leroy had appointments at the same time though. And I had to bring Zhen, Theo and Ruby. So basically, I brought the circus to the dentists office today!

Theo was perfect, as always. He sat nicely in his seat and played with his blanket and made goo-goo eyes at all the girls. Zhen was a nice boy, too. He just wanted to play with a little wind up music toy that I found in the toy box there.

And then there was Ruby...

...who turns two years old this month. Wow, I can't believe she's going to be two. I still feel a little traumatized by her birth. I should get over that, huh?

Ruby was naughty. And mean. And foul tempered. Did you know that she is the only child who is allowed to play with a toy? She made the visit so difficult.

I had to roll the double stroller and carry Theo back in his seat so that I could sit with Ralph while he had his teeth cleaned. Rose and Leroy sat in the waiting room alone. I'm so glad that they are well behaved enough to do that.

Then Rose came back to Ralph's chair when his turn was over and Leroy was alone in the waiting room. Shortly after that Leroy was called back to his own chair on the other side of the office. He ended up doing the entire visit on his own. A kindergartner! Such a big boy!

We got home just 20 minutes before the little boys' school bus came. I had just enough time to throw some quesadillas in the microwave for everyone and get Theo dressed with shoes. Then the bus came and I did my sprints getting the three boys on the bus.

After that Ruby and I took Rose back to school. We walked Rose back to her class, in part so I could wear Ruby out. Little miss crabby pants needed a nap big time!

Mornings like that with lots of running to and from the van, climbing in and out of the van, bucking and unbuckling of car seats, and packing and unpacking the strollers wear me out completely. I wasn't much use for the rest of the day.

It's OK though, because I love my life. I love that I have such awesome children. Check out those brothers Zhen and Ralph above! They are starting to bond as brothers. It's beautiful to witness.

And Rose and Leroy acting so grown up at the dentist! I'm doing at least something right. And Ruby? Well, give her some time. She'll get with the program, too.


Dara said...

You are a SuperMom!!!