Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, I had a hard day.

I knew that today would be difficult. I was prepared for it. I had shoes, socks, braces and clothes laid out the night before. All my paperwork was ready to go. I was well rested.

Even with careful preparation, though, some days are just really hard.

Taking five children to an appointment is never easy. Today it involved two strollers, one pushed by me and one pushed by a barely-6-year old boy who can't really drive a stroller. It involved height and weight checks which necessitated removing shoes and braces in a hurried fashion and then scrambling after them when naughty little boys threw them across the room. It involved a boy who messed up (reflux anyone?) two shirts and ended up leaving in his sister's fluffy pink coat because it was chilly outside and he was nekkid from the waist up. It involved a screaming two year old girl, freaking out because her little brother was wearing her coat.

When we got home I had a quick little pity-party, 30 second cry in my room. Then the phone rang.

I missed Ralph's speech therapy last week in the rush and chaos of Spring Break. I missed the week before because I didn't even know they had put me on the schedule yet. So today they called me to let me know they were dropping us. Ack!

...did I mention my headache yet. Yes, I had a good one and it came on early.

I couldn't focus on my lameness and fix lunch at the same time. So I hung up the phone and fed the kids. Then I put them on the bus and called the SLP back, groveling and begging for another chance.

I had the privilege of making and taking dinner to a fantastic family tonight. After assembling their enchiladas, I made one for myself and then took a little nap. The world looked a little brighter after an enchilada and a nap! Really, you should try it.

So, Ralph has speech therapy tomorrow. Phew! He is SO ready for this and I nearly messed it all up. I guess I could take all the other children with me again tomorrow, but I have an awesome friend who is coming to sit with them here at the house. I feel my sanity slowly returning.


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Awwww... HUGS!!! You are an awesome Moms and even we mess up on ocassion. :) Love ya girl!!