Friday, April 1, 2011

Daddy said she could not have a pony. Just kidding! If Ruby ever asks her daddy for a pony she will most likely get one! SHHHH!!!! My three afternoon schoolboys, waiting for the bus. After many wet, gloomy days this week we finally got a taste of Spring. I didn't plan to dress them all in blue and red. It just sort of worked out that way!

Something BIG is going on here this weekend. Actually for the past few's going slow but finally picking up steam.

Can you guess?

I picked up this nifty staple gun from the rental place this afternoon. I like the feel of power tools in my mitts! There would be 10,000 staples in that little box. Wow!

This pallet of stuff has been sitting for a month! Our order was shipped incomplete. :( This caused a HUGE problem between us and the home improvement store. HUGE. Trust me.
Hey look! Isn't that purty?
Jordan told me last night that our new fence looked good but that Ralph would just climb right through it! haha!

It's not done yet, but almost!! I'm so excited! Ralph ran away three times a few weeks back when the weather was very nice. He's just very independent and likes to "visit" the neighbors. Our neighbors don't appreciate this as much as he thinks, so this layer of backyard security is way overdue.

I'm still looking at options for front yard security. I'd like to have several layers if you know what I mean!


abim said...

Ahah, we had a metel fence in cali and used a padlock.. Jon still was found at the donut shop and such passed 10y/o!