Saturday, April 9, 2011

Glad that's over!

I was so focused on cleaning up my kitchen yesterday morning, but I kept getting the good way!! I had some interesting and eye opening phone calls and chats with some very good friends. I didn't get many dishes done, but oh well! They'll keep, right?

I didn't have to worry about getting the kids ready for school so I talked and I chatted away. Ralph and Zhen only have school a few Fridays each month. And since Ralph's IEP was scheduled for 3pm I figured there was no school.

Closer to lunch time the phone rang. It was the elementary school nurse. By the tone of her voice I could tell something was wrong. There was an accident in PE class and Thomas had his teeth banged on a classmate's head. She had looked at him initially and sent him back to class, but he was back in her office complaining. I told her I'd be up to get him in a few minutes.

Then the phone rang again. It was the transportation department. Ralph and Zhen's school bus was out front waiting for them. WHAT! Oh dear! I had assumed there was no school today, but I didn't actually check the calendar.

Well there was no way I would get their shoes and braces on in less than 20 minutes so I sent the bus away with profuse apologies. I sat down and worked on shoes and loaded them all up in the van to go to school. They were only a minute or two late and the director even walked them into the building for me. Ralph wouldn't go in, though! He needed to see me drive away first I guess, so the director stood outside with him waving at me until the van was out of sight. Cute!

Then we drove over to the dentist's office, which is closed on Friday by the way. We called the emergency phone number and the dentist and his wife were there within 20 minutes. How nice! Thomas got an x-ray, which revealed no cracks thank goodness! But, one tooth was hanging very low and had been pushed in so that he could not bite down.

I watched while Dr. Coad glued Thomas' front teeth together with a big strip of enamel colored goop. It's kind of like buddy taping a broken toe. haha! We'll go back in about 10 days to have those teeth looked at again.

I was out of groceries, so we took a little trip to the store before taking Thomas back to school. I end up getting home with twenty minutes to shower and dress for Ralph's IEP meeting. No way! So I throw on a little extra deodorant and some damp jeans and head out the door again.

I'm thankful that Ralph is a good student and is making great progress. I feel like I'm on the same page with everyone on the team so his IEP's have gone smoothly so far.

After the IEP I have to go to the home improvement store to return some extra materials from our fence project. My HOMY had them all loaded up in the van for me. Wasn't that nice? So I returned the stuff and then went looking for some items that he needed.

This is where it gets funny. He could have just gone to the store himself, but no. So I called him no less than three times to make sure I was picking out the right things! There are 7 different kinds of concrete? Which one do I choose? How long does the drill bit need to be? Will 9/64" be ok because the 1/8" comes in a 2 pack and costs twice as much? And so on...

Anyway, it was a busy day. I put out a few fires, screwed a few things up, inconvenienced a few people, made some people mad, and helped some others. Pretty much like every other day of my life. I'm glad it's over!


Anonymous said...

Please believe me when I say I've had days like that! But I no where near tell the story as good as you! Love your HOMY acronym!


Jill said...

What a day!!! Glad you were able to help some people too. :-)