Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Ralphie!

Ralph likes the letter 'H'. :)

My little rock star is four years old today. WOW!

I can't believe that he is so old and so big. He really is mommy's big boy these days. When Zhen starts playing with the TV cabinet, Ralph grabs him and drags him away so he doesn't get into trouble. He is working so hard to learn how to speak properly. He knows his alphabet and how to sign each letter quite well. He can sign his name. He's learning to use the potty!!

In a way though, it seems as if he has always been with us. I can't remember, and I don't want to remember, what life was like before Ralphie. He has inspired me from the moment he was born on that beautiful, chilly night.

If not for Ralph, we would not have a Theo or Zhen in our family. We would likely not know much about the desperate situation of children with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe or the genocide of babies with Down Syndrome in the United States and other developed countries.

I'm just so happy to be Ralph's mom. I'm so proud of my little rock star. He's come a long, long way!


Anonymous said...

And I am so happy to know your family through this blog!

If I know y'all - it was a great weekend of celebrating life! I sure hope Theo is back to his ol' self after being sick last week! And you, for you, Stephanie, I wish some good restful sleep.