Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday night in the city.

Against my better judgement, I took Ruby and Theo to McD*nald's tonight. You see, we are on the road. Theo's having some medical procedures done early in the morning at the big city children's hospital.

So, after 3 1/2 hours in the car, I wanted to make sure that Ruby would go to sleep at a decent hour. Hence the playplace! And yes, it was a disgusting as I imagined that it would be.


I did have an interesting conversation there, though. I sat down next to a grandma with three of her grandsons. The grandma left the room to buy them some H*ppy Meal toys. One of the boys asked me why Theo was making funny noises. I explained that he spent 4 years in a lonely crib and made up funny noises to keep himself busy. The boy then told me about the baby in his mommy's tummy. :) How sweet!

He told me it was a boy and that would make four boys in his family. I told him I have 9 boys and two girls and his eyes about popped out of his head.

I nearly fell off my chair when he immediately asked me if I was a Christian. How about that? What a cool kid. I had fun chatting with them and grandma until they left. I'm glad I went to that nasty place after all. :)

I'm trying to get the Ruby and Theo to sleep now. We start early in the morning. Theo also has an appointment at the big city children's hospital clinic on Tuesday morning. But I'm having a babysitting emergency at home.

If I cannot secure a sitter for Tuesday morning I'll have to cancel the Tuesday appointment and head for home. Not looking good so far. If you are in my area and have suggestions, let me know.


TherExtras said...

Hoping to read that Theo's procedure went okay and that the second appt happened. Barbara