Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today is the day.

God willing, today is the day Theo will come home from the hospital.

We both had a rough night. My problem was simply a 2nd night of recliner sleeping. Pretty sure I'm too old for that. Theo's problem was that he napped yesterday afternoon and didn't want to go to sleep.

Theo did his rocking the squeeky metal crib trick for a long, long time. I held him in my lap for a while, but I was afraid I'd go to sleep and he would take a dive. Then he cried, and rocked...rinse...repeat.

Somewhere along the line I fell asleep. When I woke up, Theo was wearing an oxygen cannula, had IV fluids going and, GASP! TAPE ON HIS FACE!!

I go a little nuts when I have a child in the hospital. I've written about it before, a long time ago. First of all it was silly to put oxygen on him. He has airway issues and sometimes needs to be repositioned. In fact when I woke, the cannula was sitting on top of his nose and his oxygen sats were just fine. I made certain to point this out to the nurse.

Second, Theo can't have tape on his face, his skin breaks down so easily. He's a delicate little Ukrainian prince, ya know? I asked for some adhesive remover pads to get those damned oxygen stickers off his face. It's 5:30am. Are any of you overly friendly at 5:30am? I didn't think so.

About an hour later his IV fell out of his arm! Weird. Who would believe me that it fell out? haha!! Figures. We left it out. Baby steps closer to escape.

So, today should be the day that Theo comes home. We waiting on one more lab test to come in and then we are outta here!! I NEED to be home. The place falls apart without me. And everyone misses Theo. Ruby was so glad to see him this afternoon. Those two are best friends!


Leslie said...

Praying you are both out tomorrow!!! Theo is so cute! Love his glasses. Love seeing him with his sister too!