Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One more trip done.

Let me tell you, Facebook has turned me into a lazy blogger. L-A-Z-Y. Good thing I don't tweet! haha!

Theo, Ruby and I are home from Kansas City. We had a pretty smooth trip if you don't count two babies not sleeping on Sunday night.

Monday morning was tough. More waiting around than anything else. When Theo was taken back for his procedures, Ruby and I hightailed it to the snack shop. We were starved after three hours of waiting. Before we were even done eating, the doc was back with his report. Yeah, we waited around for three hours for 20 minutes of procedures!

OK, to be fair he did have some other things done after the doc was finished. And then another hour in the recovery room. I got a phone call from the recovery nurses. They couldn't figure out why Theo was so upset. I should have insisted on being with him immediately when he woke up. Why didn't I think of that? So, I told them to give him something to eat. That one surefire way to calm him down. He ate two pudding cups and drank a cup of juice before I got to see him. His little tummy was all big and hard. I thought for sure he was going to throw up. But no. So we left.

We drove back toward the hotel, but I needed to find a pharmacy to get some Ibuprofen and melatonin. No way was going to handle another sleepless night. We played around the hotel room for a few hours. Theo and Ruby were playing peek-a-boo with a baby blanket and I was making videos with the webcam on the computer when Theo finally threw up...on my bed. haha!! It figures, doesn't it?! Yeah, I caught him with the camera.

Theo had a quick appointment on Tuesday morning and then we headed straight for home. Our babysitting situation worked out. It wasn't ideal, but we all survived, right?

I wish we could just move to Kansas City so my boys would have everything we need at hand. These trips are getting old.


Laurie Hendrich said...

I'll soon be waiting for you to join us in Kansas City!! Please Come!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Next time you come you guys can stay with us or I got some church friends that are closer (we r about 45 minutes from kc) but we are familiar with the area. So next time let me know!

Denise said...

I know what you mean..I am 2 hrs away and it is hard!I know you are farther away!I seen your son Theo when he was a patient in the hospital.My son was in hospital too.The nurses loved your theo.The minute i seen him and she told me his name was Theo i knew he was yours I told the nurse i read your blog and that we both found our children on reeces rainbow.We had 3 appointments on 3 different days this past week!That was hard.