Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fix you? Fix me.

I just scratched the back of my hand on a sheet metal screw.

This is the thing that drives me the most nuts...Zhenya is attracted to our air vents. He gets in trouble every single time and he goes back for more. Like a moth to a flame.

What is the payoff for him? He's got to be getting something out of it or he wouldn't go back to them time and time again.

I have to keep furniture on top of them so he can't get the covers off. The leg of his crib normally sits on top of the vent in his room. I didn't like the crib there so I moved it the other day thinking perhaps he had forgotten his naughty obsession.

I just got done pulling a boatload of toys out of the duct. Why would he stuff all those toys in there? I'm just irritated. And bleeding.

I have a choice to let petty things like this drag me down. It's not the only petty thing on my mind. They distract me from my true purpose. Perhaps I'm more like Zhenya than I would like to admit.

I know that I should not dwell on minor irritations. I can not control the actions of other people whether they are 4 years old or 44. But I can't seem to help myself. I gotta fix things. I never learn.

So I'm going to attempt to treat Zhenya and others the way my undoubtedly irritated loving Father treats me...with large doses of grace and unconditional love. That's probably the only way to fix things.


thy and lin said...

So good, stephanie---the wisdom, that is.. bless you sister!

Mel said...

Big Hugs to you Stephanie! For what it's worth, Timothy does the same thing with our cold air return vents!! I finally have something holding his "favorite" one down (there's a big cabinet sitting on top of one end of it!)!! I'm tired of digging toys out of it too!

Anna said...

I saw a thing somewhere. Like a screen that you put on then the vent part. Not sure where put it exists.

About the grace thing. Grace and mercy. grace and mercy. sigh. Much needed and given......

Anna said...


see if this will work or even a piece of fabric taped to the underside????I know you dont want to block the airflow in all the rooms......

Rachel said...

What is it about little boys and air vents? When my younger brother was little, he tossed a bottle of milk down the air vent. It was eventually retrieved by a work man and disposed of--too gross to wash and reuse, lol!