Monday, April 4, 2011

DONE! Sorta...

Thanks to my hard working HOMY (husband of many years) this fence project is DONE! Phew! Now my children and dog can safely play outside without getting "lost" or "visiting" the neighbors.



It is difficult to see but the back is chain link. Even from the house it is barely visible. I can't wait to train some roses or vines to climb that fence.

There is just one problem...the wind. Yesterday and today have been extremely windy, even for our area which is a very windy area. Last night a storm rolled through and within hours of being finished, one of the new gates was destroyed. Isn't that disappointing? So next weekend will be all about shoring up the new gates and spreading some fill dirt in some low lying areas around the security perimeter. (I didn't want to type the word fence one more time.)

Some other things got done last weekend as well. We finally have our water well hooked up to power. Now I can water the lawn and fill baby swimming pools without inflating our monthly water bill. Just in time for watering and splashing season!

We also tested our A/C yesterday. Yes, I was ashamed to admit it, but the house was hot and we were all working hard so we turned it on. Cra-zay!! Today it's not even 50F outside. Gotta love springtime in Kansas.


ParkerMama said...

Yea! for projects finished!

Tammy and Parker