Saturday, October 8, 2011

Buddy Walk fun!

Can we get going already?
Today was our annual, local Buddy Walk to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. It's one of my favorite events each year. I love gazing at the faces, lit up by the unmistakable beauty of an extra chromosome.

Oh, and the unmistakable flop-n-drop!
Buckle up!

Grab your blue gorilla! And go find your picture along the route.

The event ended too soon due to the arrival of chilly rain while we waited in line for food. Another disappointment is that there were no medals left for our children as they crossed the finish line. I didn't even get photos of that.

On a positive note, we won a gift basket in the raffle and it was delivered to our home by our good friends, the Hendrich's. Hanging out and chatting with them for a few hours was so fun!

October is off to a smashing start!

Best month of the year.

Hands down.