Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking back tonight

Ralph is four years old. He has great, I mean GREAT, receptive language. He knows heaps of signs. However, he just struggles to hard with the spoken word.

Well, that is starting to change.

Umm, yeah. He's got one word that comes out clearly and without a doubt. Can you guess?

Yup, we have "no." AND, we have a boy with a mind of his own.

When we get home from church and it's time to get out of the van, Ralph slips into the back of the van and give me a "no!" At lunchtime, when he slips away from the table to eat his sandwich on the couch he gives me the "no!" When I ask him to stop strangling the puppy with his particular brand of affection, I get the "no!"

On days like today, it helps to remember when he was really little and really helpless. haha!

Here is Ralph in his car seat for the first time ever, on the way home from the hospital for the first time ever.

And asleep in his own crib for the first time ever.
No way would this sweet little thing ever backtalk his momma.