Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet Bruno.

Meet Bruno. One of the newest members of our family.
He is an English Pointer. For a bird dog, he's extraordinarily calm and mellow. He officially belongs to Jordan.

In keeping with our family's adoption style, he has a minor disability. haha! He's missing almost half a hind paw and a toe on a front paw. He was attacked, along with his puppy brothers and sisters, by an unknown varmint as a wee little baby pup. Could have been a rat, or a tomcat, or who knows.

He's settling in with our family and growing very fast!

I just had to share this photo of Ruby eating beets. This was our afternoon snack. She's so open minded about trying new foods, especially when the other children are away at school. There was no one around to make disgusting faces and noises when I opened up the can of beets!

I actually got some video of her saying, "I love beets!" I'll be saving that for when she's older and refuses to eat her veggies.