Sunday, October 2, 2011

He started it.

I never imagined that I would have a child with Down Syndrome.

I had nothing against it, it just never even crossed my mind. Funny, because I have a cousin with DS. I also have a very close friend whose daughter has DS and shares a birthday with me. (I cringe when I think of the awful questions I used to ask her. Boy was I dumb! That's one reason why I don't really mind when people ask me dumb stuff. I remember when!)

Ralph started it.

Because of him I started blogging. Because of him I met some incredible people, some of them doctors! Because of him I go to Buddy Walks every October. Because of him I learned a new language, filled with acronyms and initials. Because of him I learned some medical skills and can change an oxygen bottle in complete and utter darkness. ha!

Because of Ralph, I did loads on internet research on Down Syndrome. In the process, I found that children with DS are still routinely placed in institutions in many countries in the world. In the process, I found Theo and then Zhen, two orphaned (rejected by their parents at birth) children with DS from Ukraine. They are now a part of my family. In the process I met some more incredible people and darling orphan children.

Soon I'll be headed back to Ukraine to try to help those children live better lives.

Ralph started it.

I'm so glad that he did.