Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo catch up...

I'm not so sure how Ralph is doing since he stopped getting his pulmonary hypertension medication. What do you think of those dark circles under his eyes?

He's still full of energy. Playing in front of the mirror is his favorite thing.

This is my view in the morning. And at bedtime. All three of them were making poop sounds and laughing! And, do you know anyone who sits Indian-style on the pot like Ralph? So weird.

Here are some leftover photos from our fun day with the McDonald family. This girl is cra-zay about Zhen!

I think this is the best photo we could get of the three Ukrainian boys! ha! At least TJ knows how to ham it up.
See what great lengths we went to? Sit. Stay. Get back up there. Sit. Stay. Smile!!
Cute! Toby was giving Theo some valuable advice.


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Jill said...

Great photos! Fun to see TJ too. Looks like he is doing great!

Jolene said...

This was such a neat post! I enjoyed seeing you guys with the McDonalds! Looks like everyone is doing really well. :)