Monday, October 3, 2011

New school for Theo

I never have cried when my children go to Kindergarten. I never got in the car and raced the bus to school to get their photo stepping off the bus for the first time. Just not my style.

Until now.

Theo is so very delayed. When you take the delays caused by Down Syndrome and then you add severe neglect, zero stimulation, and near starvation for four years you end up with a very damaged child. You can take the child out of the orphanage, but it's tough to take the orphanage out of the child.

Theo started preschool in January, going three afternoons per week. He has made some solid physical gains over the past year. In other areas he is just not making good progress, so I asked to have him reevaluated.

Last Friday we had Theo's IEP meeting and have decided to move him to a new school where he will attend 5 full days each week. It's what he needs. It's what he is ready for.

I wasn't prepared for the wall of emotions to hit me. Theo will be gone...all day a neighboring town. He will have more face time with his teachers than with me. I have to buy school uniforms for him. haha! I'm going to miss him like crazy!

This morning his new bus driver called me to make arrangements for transportation. She sounds quite nice. Very grandmotherly. He gets picked up @8:20am tomorrow. Oh goodness, there go the tears again.

I may have to try to beat the bus and get some video or photos!


Sandie Flannery said...

Steph, I teach in an EI program, and trust, knowing that us teachers fall in love with our 'babies' and he will be just fine. And remember he doesn't have to have perfect attendance!!!