Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ralph loves my Ipod. He likes to swipe it. He will sneak around if he thinks I'm not paying attention and steal it!! He'll slip away and sit in front of his little mirror in the hallway and watch himself flip through animal flashcards. I know I should not be pleased, but I secretly am!

What a typical child he is!! What's this about children with Down Syndrome being perpetually innocent angels??


Oh, he has his angelic moments. He still possesses a certain childlike innocence in most areas. But he is a sneaky little devil when he wants something!!! And I appreciate this. There is some comfort for this mom in the fact that he's more like other typical kids than he is different.

Here is Ralph signing "gorilla", his favorite animal, hands down.


monster's mom said...

I love Zhen cracking up in the background! What a joy to see!!

Carissa said...

Too bad most people can't see that "typical kid" quality in all those precious little ones with DS and get them out of EE and HOME!! :D

Thanks for showing us. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Ralphie is a cutie!! Such a beautiful child! And so is Zhen laughing behind him ;) Hey, have you ever introduced your crew and I missed it? Because I think I don't know how many children you have, or their names... I've just seen the littlest!