Sunday, October 10, 2010

A tiny taste

Here is a tiny taste of our fun day at the Buddy Walk yesterday. It's Ralph doing some line dancing. Umm, right before he decided to split!! Yep, James and I did the whole, "OH dear! Where's Ralph?!?!"

Big and Little Toby are there, too. See?

I finally figured out that my camera lense is dirty and that's why all my pictures look like crap. When I get some friends to email me some decent photos, I'll post them here.

If you have any Buddy Walk photos of Ralph, Zhen or Theo let me know. OK?

Pretty please?


Anonymous said...

cute and I'm sorry I was thinking that your camera lens had a fingerer print on it, never thought to say anything :( I have done the same thing. My great fear is Aden getting away on us, how scary for you all. Hope you had a lovely time.

TherExtras said...

Love your quick posts with photos and without. Am I still a member in good standing in your fan club? Seems my comments are not being posted - no? Barbara