Friday, October 22, 2010

Talking TV

If you are a mom that doesn't set her child in front of the TV from time to time, or even every single day, you may not want to read this! haha! Ralphie goes through phases in his entertainment preferences. For the longest time he wanted to watch Caillou on PBS. I looked forward to 11am each day because I knew that he would be happy and stay in one spot for half an hour!

That's priceless for a mom and really there are some great shows these days. FAR better than anything I had to watch while I was growing up. Anyone remember H.R. Pufnstuf? I rest my case.

A while ago my oldest son helped us to set up an instant movie service on a game system. Suddenly Ralphie found that he could watch his show whenever he liked. Mommy and daddy got sick of Caillou over time and tried to interest him in some other shows.

Since then he's gone through some clearly defined phases. Next came Blue's Clues. That didn't last too long. Next was Pingu. Very cute! A couple of months ago he started liking Shaun the Sheep. Ralph learned to point to the show that he wanted to watch. He learned to say the word "sheep" in his Ralphish sort of way.

It's so fun to watch him growing and learning new things. Just a week ago Ralph discovered the W*ggles. How our family made it this long without watching the Wiggles I'll never know. Anyhow, not only did Ralph go bananas for them, so did all the other kids, and me too!

Music is so good for children. And it's great for Ralph. For the first time ever I have found him playing along with a TV show. He knows all the actions for the songs at Sunday school and now he knows all the dances from the W*ggles show!

And get I caught him singing!! This is HUGE! I have encouraged him to sing and to talk forever it seems. I guess I'm not as inspirational as the W*iggles. It is just exciting to be able to continue to hope that he will ever talk.


Bessie said...

Have you checked out Signing Time. Great music and a great way for the family to learn American Sign Language!

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Bessie, our family LOVES Signing Time! Ralph probably know 100 signs. Our DVD player broke down several months ago and it just about broke his heart. We recently recieved a new one as a gift and the Signing Time is again part of his TV diet.

Anonymous said...

The Wiggles are the best. We were able to meet them few months ago was wonderful.
I let them know that I really believe Aden wouldn’t be talking as much as he is without them. A has picked up so many sounds and words watching them we have the CD’s in the car it’s all the music we have in the car haha so happy for you that your kids have discovered them