Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I really messed up my 31 for 21 challenge. Maybe I could double up for a few days and try to catch up? Nah. I'm over it.

We had such a busy and fun weekend with the Buddy Walk, the Maize Fall-fest and some out of town guests. Then I came down with a cold. I've had a headache for four days!

My amazing husband let me go to bed early all week AND my young children have discovered they can skype their new friends from Nebraska in the afternoon so my computer time has been extremely limited!!!

So much has been happening around here it's hard to keep up. Jordan had a birthday this week. Since on of my college boys was home, we celebrated early. I made a cake. It was...lame. But, it tasted good! That's what counts, right? I used to make fabulous cakes, but I ain't as good as I once was.

Ruby has been walking around saying "happy day." Oh my, is it cute! Every single thing she does is saturated in cuteness. I love the way she says "yuck" when I'm changing diapers. I'm gonna get it on video.

Here are some more Buddy Walk photos!! Thanks to my friends with clean camera lenses!

We were the very last walkers. In fact, people were behind us picking up signs!! haha!

We went ahead and picked up our boys' signs as we walked. We were the last ones after all. I love that Theo, but he really makes me look fat!

Playing in the backyard in the afternoon.

Zhen has a girlfriend!!! These two did a lot of snuggling that day!

Theo was a little overwhelmed. He settled down a little bit when I covered the stroller with a blanket.
Guess who is up to 16 pounds? Little Theo!! I've been hoping to see some meat on his bones, but I actually think he is getting taller. More photos are definitely in order.


Anonymous said...

Ah, well, quality if not quantity!

Loved these photos! Hope you are well by now! XO Barbara