Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I forget

Ralphie made me forget.

He made me forget who I was before. Before I had a child with Down Syndrome. Before I had a medically fragile child. I'm not who I was and I forget sometimes.

Think of a venn diagram. I don't always appreciate that most people are living in the circle that I inhabited before Ralphie came along. It's not a bad place, it's just that most people exist there. When he came along I found myself tossed into region of many intersecting circles.

It's been kind of cool finding community with new sets of people. There are the medical people, the Down Syndrome people, the adoption people, and now the growth hormone people and more. Learning all these news things has made life exciting!

I just forget that not everyone knows about Down Syndrome. Not everyone knows about adoption. I just forget.

So if there is something that I have glossed over that you don't get OR if you just simply have any questions at all, please leave it in the comments. OK, lurkers...you HAVE to ask me a little something. Alright?