Friday, October 15, 2010

My boys are growing up.

Oh my! Ralph is really growing up! Can I just share that he woke up dry this morning? And that we ran to the potty? And that he went in the potty? Wahoo!!!

He is relishing the role of big brother. See how he adores his little/big brother Theo?

Ruby enjoys the role of big sister just as much. Here she is burying Theo in the animal bucket. Doesn't he look good?? shhhh! I'm almost afraid to say it, but I think he's growing, too!

Jordan wasn't a but suspicious about the helmet and bike pump he got for his birthday.

He was so surprised when we rolled this shiny green BIKE out of the laundry room!!

My sweet, green eyed boy is now nine! And that rhymes with "mine," which he still is!! Love this boy.