Monday, October 18, 2010


Just sitting here flipping through my favorite blogs. I'd rather read them than write tonight.

Just for tonight I don't want to think about Down Syndrome. I don't want to think about pulmonary hypertension, seizure disorders, or hormone deficiencies. I can't let this stuff take over my life and drag me down like kudzu.

So, since I have to stay up until midnight to give PH meds anyway (can't totally escape, can I?), here are some random thoughts:

I often wonder what I should study when I go back to college. ha!

My former neighbor died two weeks ago. Great, friendly man. His name was Les Fast and he was a truck driver. I always got a kick out of that - Les Fast? ha!

Why do my children whine and cry so much at home? Why can't they be the same children that other people see when we are out in public?

I'm so proud of my son Chipper, who had a great freshman football season. I'm not a football fan and I've always said that my children could play any sport except football. It makes him happy. He's good at it. I hope that I'm through trying to shove my children into a mold of my own crafting.

I'm a really good driver. I don't think I get enough credit for that.

Yawwwwn. G'nite!


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