Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looking at the week ahead.

Here's my token photo of Ruby and Zhen at the piano this morning. Yes, he is glaring at me! ha!

No school tomorrow. Hmm. Wonder what we should do? Maybe take my boys to the barber college for haircuts! Too bad the zoo pass has expired. I think the weather is going to be nice!

I sure would love to go to Oklahoma to see my grandma. But, I'm not sure I can afford a trip like that this week. I'm not sure I can handle another day of driving with children!

I'm taking Ralph, Zhen and Theo to Kansas City on Wednesday for Down Syndrome clinic. This clinic is a brilliant offering by the children's hospital where a child, or children in my case, with Down Syndrome can be seen and discussed by a range of health professionals on one morning. Getting your docs and therapists on the same page is priceless. It's what I call one stop shopping. We get things done at the DS clinic! Speech and hearing, nutrition, routine blood tests, behavior, physical therapy and more.

Ralph is overdue for some thyroid screening and neck x-rays. He's also outgrown his ankle braces. Actually all three boys need braces. I can't wait to see Zhen walking, and I'll bet he'll start soon if he can have his ankles fully supported. In order for us to be on time for clinic on Wednesday I will have to leave the house at 4am.

Of course, daddy is traveling this week so the whole day will be complex and difficult. I need to find an adult to come with me, or meet me, to help me care for the boys. I'll need to focus on each specialist as they take turns examining them. I also need to find a sitter for Leroy to get him on the school bus at lunchtime. I don't want him to miss school again like he did last week.

I'd like to find a sitter for Ruby for the entire day so that I don't have to bring her with me. She's easy and fun to travel with, but I can do without another chubby babe to haul around the hospital, ya know?

Last week this was looking like a piece of cake, but all of a sudden I'm scared. I'm going to be in big trouble if I don't make concrete plans tomorrow. This is not the kind of trouble I like. :)

Thursday is the 21st. It marks exactly two months since I stepped off the plane with Theo and Zhen. Zhen will get to visit our friendly pediatric cardiologist and his awesome nurse practitioner. he supposedly has an open oval window. I think that is Eastern European medical lingo for a PFO. Well, he will have an echo and we will find out!

Saturday is looking like a crazy fun day. My amazing friend, Nancy, is throwing a "get acquainted with Zhen and Theo" brunch and shower that day. Nancy gave me courage to keep going last summer when our adoption fundraising was in the doldrums and I was having a difficult time recovering from surgery. She's a blessing to many people.

Saturday evening we are tentatively set to attend a barn party. There will be hot dog roasting and s'mores, too! Maybe a hay rack ride? I only hope that Zhen and Theo are not too overstimulated from partying in the morning to party in the evening.

Wow, the week hasn't even started and feels like it's half over. It's going to be a bumpy ride!