Sunday, January 4, 2009

And yet more...

Christine recently asked me to share my recipe for hash browns! Is there anything that goes better with biscuits and gravy than golden crispy hash browns? I prefer making my own to store-bought, but I occasionally break down and buy them at the store when I'm feeling lazy. I have traumatic memories of making hash browns at my family's restaurant when I was young! But, that is a whole other story, LOL.

I simply cover 5 pounds of potatoes with cold water in my extra large pot. You can cook as many as YOU like. I put on the lid after the water boils. Boil the potatoes until you can easily push a knife into the potatoes. Underdone is better than overdone here. I gently drain the water my turning out the potatoes into a clean sink. Careful! Steam burns hurt like crazy!

Work quickly now and start peeling. The skins will come off in great big strips if you are careful. I hold the potatoes in a clean area of a tea towel in one hand. I keep turning the towel when it gets gooky. Place the peeled potatoes in a bowl or two and cover with a tea towel until they cool off. You can keep them in the fridge covered with a towel.

I grate the potatoes by hand as needed when they are cold. Plop them into a pool of butter or oil in a hot skillet and wait. Salt and pepper (maybe more butter on top!) but don't stir or turn them until they are crispy on the bottom. Voila!

Your refrigerated cooked potatoes come in handy if you want quick scalloped potatoes (cover in white sauce and top with cheese - done in no time!) or potato salad.


Christine said...

Sounds so yummy and simple! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Darn! Now I'm hungry and it's 10pm!

Gravy was never a part of our southern breakfasts, but I LOVE some grits with fried egg and hashbrowns. (Bacon, too!)

I have always cooked my potatoes like this for potato salad - but they peel just as easy for me AFTER cooling.

My hashbrowns of late have been chopped leftover (post refrigeration) baked potatoes. The whole family has been satisfied with these. I avoid grating and can imagine the bad memories you might have had as a child. (knuckle ouch!) If I were to make a big batch, uh, I guess you cook in greater quantity than me, I'd grate using my cuisinart.

No.Food.Tonight. Have given into blog addiction already! chkl. Barbara