Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm hoping that we have seen a breakthrough with Ralph in the area of walking! Wesley and I worked with him this morning, helping him walk to each other. He really seemed to enjoy this for once. All giggles and crack-ups, no rubber chicken today!

Wesley inched away from me a bit at a time. Pretty soon we were about 5 feet apart. Thomas and Rose stood in front of the glass doors on the TV stand and giggled, laughed and clapped. Ralph likes to look at himself and would end up trying to walk sideways so that he could see himself in the glass!

Ralph tends to lunge forward and forget to take steps. Then he falls on his face if no one catches him. I TRY to get him to stand still for a moment while leaning against me until he's ready to take a step. He does best when he's going slow. But balancing is still an issue. I doubt I'll see more progress in walking until his balance improves a lot. I'm thinking of looking at some new shoes and perhaps some SureSteps.


Meredith said...

He sounds just like Micah!!

Anonymous said...

Practice, practice! Great news! (And new shoes!)


Leslie said...

You are doing a great job! It does take a lot of practice. Hang in there!