Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm just taking a little break from my phone calling to settle down. I get so mad I can't even see straight! Home school has been suspended as well, again.

I'm trying to change oxygen providers. Why is this so hard? I'm not happy with my current provider. This is basic economics! If I get crappy food at a restaurant then I no longer do business with them. A salesperson treats me rudely, I no longer shop at that store. Get it?

I guess consumers of medical services can't expect good service. They constantly demonstrate incompetence and indifference and NOW I know how they get away with this crap. They are the biggest company around and they know that you are stuck with them. Any other company would go out of business with such poor customer service. Unless you are willing to put your life on hold and wade through the red tape and hours of phone calls and return calls and such - you are stuck.

Maybe they picked the wrong mommy to mess with! Maybe I'm the stupid one and I should just bend over and take it. Who knows? I'll be doing some more phone calling once I get myself composed. 2 months. I started this process to find a new provider 2 months ago. I just want to get it over with.