Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday school

Ralph did great at Sunday school today! His sats were great this morning so I bumped him down to 1/8 on the way to church and I took his cannula off before Sunday school. His helper, Amy, is so cute and sweet. I just know he is going to love her.

Amy helped him to walk from the play room to the lesson room and grab a carpet square to sit on. He loved the songs and even sat still for the story. After story he got to sit at a big table and color pictures with the other kids. He loved the crayons and even colored a little bit. There were donut holes and juice for snack today since the parents were there for open house. Ralph didn't care for the donut, but loved the juice! He grabbed the flimsy little paper cup and crushed it! Of course they filled it to the top!

Ralph has nursery after the Sunday school hour. I peeked in on him during nursery hour. Since there were only 3 children in the room, I put his oxygen back on. He didn't mind a bit! What a sweet boy. I had a good time sitting back and watching him from a slight distance today.


Leslie said...

Sounds like he did a great job! We haven't tried this with Eliana yet, but it is encouraging to hear how well Ralph did!

Thanks for sharing it!